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Meet The Waltons

Step into the world of personalized apparel and home products with Hull's very own John and Judy Walton. Discover the magic of our online store, Baby Squid Ink Design.

The Original Baby Squid

Our shop owes its name to a very special person: Jennifer Nagle,
my baby sister, who we lost to leukemia at just 19, in 1997. Baby Squid was my nickname
for Jenny when we were kids, a name full of love and happy memories.

During her short 19 years, my younger sister Jennifer lived an exceptional life that surpassed most people's accomplishments. Despite facing the challenges of Leukemia, she fully embraced her Freshman Year at UMASS. Jennifer treasured every moment with her boyfriend, cherished attending concerts like Lalapalooza, and indulged in Saturday outings with friends at the coolest coffee shops in Boston. What set Jennifer apart was her remarkable talent for making everyone feel included, effortlessly reaching out to those sitting alone during lunch.conversations as if they were lifelong companions. Inclusion, compassion, and love for all were the guiding principles that defined Jennifer. Even in the face of her leukemia, she displayed unwavering bravery, enduring numerous surgeries and tests, all the while radiating her infectious smile to everyone she encountered. As her older sister, I was supposed to be the one imparting wisdom, but Jennifer never ceased to teach me valuable lessons and share her wisdom with her old soul. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had Jennifer as my sister, the best sister anyone could ask for.

Living with our adorable Puggle, Pheebes, by our side in our
beach town home, we strive to uphold Jennifer's beliefs every day in all that
we create. With your support, we hope to make her proud!
Join us online and shop our carefully crafted creations
You'll find unique designs that make perfect gifts or a special addition to
your own home! Shop with us and participate in our small tribute to love,
kindness and the belief that everyone matters. We can't wait to share our art
with you!
Thanks for helping us in our journey!
Judy and John Walton